The Mysterious White Powder That Saves Dogs’ Lives…

What if there was an all-natural miracle maker for dogs. 

One that went through 35 years of testing and dozens of clinical trials. Research that cost     $100 million dollars… funded by Canadian Tax Payers.

Yet, I’ll bet you’ve never heard of it. 

Few have.

Why everyone hasn’t heard of it, remains a mystery to me. 

All I know is that that I researched it up and down to see if it was real or not. It was. It has saved thousands of lives all over the world.

This little-known, all-natural gift was originally tested in laboratories with mice in 1987??.  Mice lived 30-50% longer as a result. 

The main reason?  They had developed strong immune systems and were able to fight off any bugs, viruses or diseases.

Clinical trials and an extensive amount of research followed. 

This same protein isolate proved itself repeatedly on tests with people.  

Time and time again, this white powder showed independent researchers its ability to create a tough immune system. 

Cancers, allergies, diabetes, cataracts… to start.  Each of them were tested in laboratories by World-class Doctors, researchers and scientists.

35 years of indisputable results from all corners of the world. 

The best part? It works just as well in dogs as it does in people.

This unusual discovery has been extensively studied at McGill University for over 30 years.  Thousands have experienced its gift of better health and healing.

Most people don’t realize… dogs and people have the exact same type of immune system. ALL mammals have a similar immune system.

The commonality?  Glutathione. 

Never heard of it? Join the club.  Few people have heard of it, yet it is the MOST important antioxidant in the body. 

Without it… death can be instantaneous.  No other cellular function is possible without Glutathione. 

Yet, most have no idea what it is, or how to measure or improve it in the body. 

When Glutathione levels are higher than average… health is a given.  Lower than average levels… sickness is a given. 

It’s THAT important.  Every major disease known needs a strong immune system to help fight it off. 

Your dog needs all the help they can get.  From the food they eat, to the water they drink, and the exercise they get. 

But there is one way you can ensure they not only live longer, but they stay healthy and able to fight off any nasty diseases or illnesses.

Dog Park Dollars - Healthy and wealthy dogs - the perfect home based pet business

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Dog Park Dollars - Healthy and wealthy dogs - the perfect home based pet business

Click Here To Help You Your Dog Become HEALTHY and WEALTHY Woofers

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